What To Look For In A Desk Chair

What to Look For in an Office Chair. Office chairs are a part of the décor of any office and so many people try to make sure they look good without worrying about the health influences the chair will have on the person who uses it. The design or ergonomics of the chair should be considered above everything else. The backrest of an ergonomic office chair should be 12 to 19 inches wide. If the backrest is separate from the seat, it should be adjustable in height and angle. It should be able to support the natural curve of the spine, again with special attention paid to proper support of the lumbar region. The graphic lays it all out visually so you can see what you need to look for in an office chair at a glance (or even print this out and take with you when chair shopping). Sitting with your back against the backrest, a proper seat depth should leave between 2 and 4 inches between the seat of the chair and the back of your knees. Proper Wheels Not all rolling chairs are created equal. If your desk is on a hard surface, find a chair with soft rubber wheels. What To Look For When Buying An Ergonomic Office Chair If you have read my article What Is An Ergonomic Office Chair you will be aware of the features that go into the make up of an ergonomic office chair . The office chair seat should be wide and deep enough to let you sit comfortably. Look for a deeper seat if you are taller, and a shallower one if not so tall. Ideally, you should be able to sit with your back against the backrest and have approximately 2-4 inches between the back of your knees and the seat of the office chair. .

If you’ll be in your office chair for much of the day, you should be able to control your seat height, backrest tilt and armrest height; for other tips on minimizing pain, see Spine-Health’s handy checklist. What To Look For In A Heavy-Duty/Durable Office Chair Anyone who works in an office environment can tell you that comfortable seating is a necessity. Whether you’re dispatching calls or greeting customers, you need proper support to stay on task from day to day. It is much better to spend $200 on a used higher end chair with more adjustment possibilities than a new office chair from stores like Walmart, Target, Ikea, etc. for the same price. Craigslist is one place to look for used chairs. Look for the ability to adjust the chair’s height. The height of your ergonomic chair should be fully adjustable. The chair’s seat should be easy to move either upwards or downwards. .

what to look for in a desk chair what to look for in a desk chair what to look for in a desk chair

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