What Kind Of Shower Curtain For Clawfoot Tub

A shower curtain for a clawfoot tub will look gathered when placed inside of the tub, which is not a nice look. To prevent this gathering of the shower curtain, use a measuring tape to measure the length of the clawfoot tub from inside the tub and slightly below the lip. Our clawfoot tub shower curtain measuring approximately 180” wide and 70” long with an approximate weight of 6 pounds is the perfect answer for your clawfoot tub/shower combo. Since our hardware was already hung, I used our classic roller ball style shower curtain rings (available in packs of 12), and put them on the existing ceiling mounted shower curtain hoop hoop. for this type of tub, I used 12 rings on the long side of the tub and 9 on the short side of the tub which seemed to work very well. This clawfoot tub shower curtain is a neutral plain white to perfectly set off your tub and let your other decorative elements take center stage. Heavy duty and well made, this curtain has been made to last and will make a great purchase for anyone looking for a simple no-fuss shower solution for their clawfoot tub. These wonderful shower curtains are a must for clawfoot leg tub enclosures, ceiling-mounted shower rods or track rods, or even as room dividers in medical facilities, dormitories, and open-concept office spaces. When choosing a shower liner for your clawfoot tub, you have to decide whether to go with vinyl or cloth. There are advantages and disadvantages to both materials. While fabric looks more elegant and tends to hang better, vinyl doesn’t attract as much mold and mildew and can easily be cleaned and wiped down. .

Shower Curtain Rod Options; Finding Extra Long Shower Curtains; Tension Curtain Rods; The following retailers carry quality curtains that are guaranteed to fit your clawfoot tub and shower. Strom Plumbing by Sign of the Crab. Strom Plumbing by Sign of the Crab carries a 180-inch by 70-inch black vinyl shower curtain made for clawfoot tubs. It is .15 mm thick and can be used as a liner or curtain. The curtain costs about $40. All curtains require 36 curtain rings to be functional. But, every shower curtain liner I could find was too long for my claw foot tub. Meaning, even if I got one with magnets or suction cups, like this one, it wouldn’t help because I’d have to trim them off to fit. If that’s the case for you too, check out my tutorial for making a DIY shower curtain liner to fit your claw foot tub. Another We write really great emails. Share your email with us, and we’ll let you know about the latest deals newest products & more. Vintage Tub & Bath offers a wide variety of shower curtain rings, shower curtain rods & shower curtains. Free Shipping on Orders over $50. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. .

what kind of shower curtain for clawfoot tub what kind of shower curtain for clawfoot tub what kind of shower curtain for clawfoot tub

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