What Finish Paint To Use On Kitchen Cabinets

Overview. Painting kitchen cabinets is, like any painting job, a simple task. But mastering the perfect glassy finish is all in the prep work. Before brush ever hits wood, there has to be a lot of time devoted to getting the surface ready to accept paint. Use a palm sander fitted with 100-grit sandpaper to remove the finish from cabinet doors, drawers, and boxes. Next, hand-sand the molding contours and the areas where those details meet the panel. Hi Becky, I used Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Pure White. I’ve made my own chalk paint for smaller projects and it always turned out fine. But because the cabinets are such an important aspect of the house and a huge investment of time, I wanted to be sure I would have a consistent finish throughout the project. Are you thinking about throwing out those old kitchen cabinets? You can save yourself a lot of time, money and effort by investing in a paint sprayer! This means that you can keep your kitchen cabinet and simply give them the facelift that they require. Paint sprayers for kitchen cabinets help provide a very smooth […] As you may remember from this post (where I painted the insides of my cabinets with chalkboard paint), I mentioned that I had just re-painted my cabinets. That was true. When we first moved into this house, the kitchen cabinets had already been painted. It was the worst paint job ever. EVAH. Painting cabinets is a messy job, and the last thing you want is paint all over your countertops as you learn how to paint kitchen cabinets. An easy way to protect your countertops, backsplash and floor is to cover them with inexpensive rosin or brown builder’s paper. .

So guys here it is at last, I know some of you have been poking me to share the whole “how to paint your kitchen cabinets” process.Well, it took me almost as long to type each step out, as it actually did to paint the cabinets, kidding, but I’m so thrilled with the results which I have mentioned over and over again.Transforming your kitchen cabinets is so worth the labour if you are Learn how to paint kitchen cabinets with Chalk Paint. NO prep, NO stripping, NO primer. Hands down the easiest way to DIY Painting Kitchen cabinets white! How to Paint Kitchen Cabinets. By John Shearer see a kitchen cabinet project from Shearer Painting Many old homes have a recurring issue with a claustrophobic kitchen. Dark wood paneling on the cabinets combined with a ’70s paint job makes the whole room feel enclosed, dark and stuffy. Types of Paint for Cabinets. Let’s start with the first time I painted cabinets… Rust-Oleum Cabinet Transformations Kit. When we bought the Beloved Foreclosure, I didn’t really have much knowledge about painting cabinetry at all.However, our kitchen cabinets there were in great need of a makeover. .

what finish paint to use on kitchen cabinets what finish paint to use on kitchen cabinets what finish paint to use on kitchen cabinets

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