Is It Ok To Sleep Without A Pillow

Comfort that knows you We aren’t selling you a one-size-fits-all pillow, because we know that every body is unique. We offer a range of choices that allow you to find the perfect fit for how you sleep and how you live. “One of our favorite mattresses” “Zotto Sleep really got this right, and this has been one of our favorite mattresses we have reviewed on to date!” 3. Many healthcare practitioners who deal with post-surgical shoulder rehab agree that placing a single pillow under the elbow and hand places the shoulder in a position that allows maximal blood flow to the rotator cuff tendons during sleep. How to Sleep Better. Getting a good night’s sleep is one of the most important things you can do for your overall health and well-being. If you are having trouble sleeping, read this wikiHow to learn how to sleep better. Relax in a nice warm bath or shower in the evening. As well as relaxing you, afterwards your body If your bed is used only for sleep (OK, and maybe one other thing, wink wink), it’ll become a trigger that tells your body to sleep, says Doron. .

is it ok to sleep without a pillow is it ok to sleep without a pillow is it ok to sleep without a pillow

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