Is It Bad To Shower On Your Period

If your skin is extra oily during your period, you may wish to use soaps formulated for oily skin. Likewise, wash your hair with a shampoo that targets oiliness if necessary. You may even wish to wash your hair more often than usual during your periods. You can and should shower and bathe as you usually do when you have your period. Most women find that during their periods, the best way to prevent unwanted odor (caused by bacteria rather than the menstrual blood itself), is to practice good hygiene. No, just the opposite. I think you should shower when you’re on your period. Periods are just gross anyway. All that blood and how it’ll smell sometimes, uggh. Anyway, if during the day you start to feel dirty or not so fresh, and you’re not near a shower, you should buy some playtex women’s wipes or something. Myth: You shouldn’t wash your hair during your period. Thank goodness this is a myth, since I can’t imagine giving up my daily shower, especially during my period. There’s no reason for you to change any of your regular grooming and hygiene habits just because you’re having your period. Is taking a shower during period dangerous Is it bad to take a shower during period All the information, content and live chat provided on the site is intended to be for informational purposes only, and not a substitute for professional or medical advice. 8 important things to know about your first period. More in Love&cantik. Your Life. Help Me Heather 10 Reasons You Shouldn’t Shower Every Day. Being too clean is bad for us there is nothing wrong with showering every other day wear deodorant change your clothes and you can even wipe your skin down with some baby wipes if your .

Both of these things on their own make you more prone to headaches and if it’s really bad, even passing out. Put the two together and they get worse. Solution: Drink a bunch of water before the shower, make sure to get plenty of iron before and during your period and don’t make the shower too hot. Source: a I’m a nurse 🙂 You need to maintain good personal hygiene because of the risk of bad odors that develop when period blood is involved. Use a handheld shower if you need to, or take a nice soak in a bathtub, but you will feel so much better (and be pleasanter to be around) if you shower daily, including during your period. .

is it bad to shower on your period is it bad to shower on your period is it bad to shower on your period

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