How To Stand Properly At A Standing Desk

However, there are no clear guidelines about the best ways to use a standing desk . This article gives you 6 tips for using a standing desk correctly. In an article highlighting 10 accessories you need for a standing desk 10 Accessories Every Standing Desk Owner Should Have 10 Accessories Every Standing Desk Owner Should Have Whether you are planning to buy or build your own standing desk, or if you already have one, a standing desk isn’t the only thing you need to improve your health in the office. Learn how to use a standing desk and get the most out of it. you need to know how to properly use a standing desk. 1. Proper Height for a Standing Desk When working at a stand up desk, you In order to set yourself up for success as soon as you begin, follow these simple tips to reduce fatigue while using a standing desk: Maintain the correct posture. According to doctor of physical therapy Kelly Starrett, whenever you stand, you need to squeeze your buttocks muscles together, without tucking your rear end in under your pelvis too far or sticking it out behind you too far, either. One thing to remember though is that even if you go from a sitting desk and make the complete change to a standing desk, you still do not want to stand in one place. The idea is to move. When using your standing desk, shift weight from one leg to the other every once in a while. Try not to lock your knees, either. If you don’t have a standing desk, try to use a surface that mimics a standing desk or find a box or large monitor stand to “build” your own. .

Your standing desk should have your screen 20” to 28” from your eyes and allow you to hold your elbows at a 90-degree angle. You can also use a footstool to take pressure off your back. Stand with one leg slightly bent, and the other leg on a small stool. Make sure you alternate legs every 15 to 20 minutes. An easy way to get the proper height for standing *and* keep your existing desk is by using a Standing Desk Converter. The steps to set your standing desk to the correct height are: Stand up straight with your head toward the ceiling and shoulders slightly back As people begin to realize the benefits of standing as opposed to sitting all day, sit/stand desks are popping up in offices around the world. Sit/stand desks can be a great tool to increase your health, productivity, and collaboration at work, but take note that there are wrong ways and right ways to stand. Maybe you’ve finally made the jump out of your desk chair, stood up to traditional office culture, and joined a growing number of workers spending the day at a standing desk. .

how to stand properly at a standing desk how to stand properly at a standing desk how to stand properly at a standing desk

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