How To Make Your Own Patio Furniture Cushions

The height of your super-long side panel is the height of the cushion filling with 1″ added for a 1/2″ seam allowance. Take these dimensions and cut your top and bottom panel and your long side panel accordingly. Use fabric scissors to round the edge of your fabric corners on your two larger panels. Benefits of Making Your Own cushions. The great thing about making your own patio furniture cushions is that you have more options about the type of fabric used, as well as the color and pattern, and you can make the chair cushions as thick or thin as you would like. You will also save a lot of money over purchasing them in a store, unless you wind up finding really cheap patio chair cushions. The right color, depth, and pattern of patio furniture cushions can add comfort and aesthetic appeal to your patio furniture. Purchasing cushions from stores can set you back a considerable amount of money, and you would get only a dozen or so choices to pick from. Make Chair Ties (Image: Nici Holt Cline) To make the ties, fold each piece of the canvas tie fabric in half, lengthwise with right sides together. Using the sewing machine, stitch one short side and the long side together. Turn. It can be tricky to turn a small item like this; use a chopstick or marker to assist. Tuck ends in and stitch closed. After the glue dries you can place your cushion cover onto your outdoor patio furniture. No Sew Velcro Cushion Cover If you are looking for an easy to make outdoor cushion cover, consider using Velcro. 5. Now it’s time to make the base. Make sure to leave all the best planks for the top and front of the base, as these will be most visible. Cut the sides and supports as per the cutting list and diagram below. 6. Use 32 x 69mm PAR pine or meranti blocks to join the double layers of panels together for the front, back and sides. .

Turn your cushions right side out and place the foam inside each cushion by opening the zipper. Place your cushions on your patio chairs and test them. If you feel they are a bit smaller than the frame or if they slide about, stitch tie tabs to them to help keep them in place. Looking to replace your outdoor cushion covers? You’ve come to the right place! I’m going to show you step-by-step how easy it is to make new covers for those faded, time-worn, covered in bird poop and who knows what else, outdoor cushions! .

how to make your own patio furniture cushions how to make your own patio furniture cushions how to make your own patio furniture cushions

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