How To Get Pee Smell Out Of Mattress

If stains and odors are taking over the mattress in your child’s room, this simple method to remove those nasty pee odors and stains will quickly become your best friend. This is kind of a gross topic to discuss on the blog, but it’s a real life issue that we deal with on a weekly basis. Thanks to an internet search I found this awesome post from the Inspired Housewife, that had a cheap, easy, and effective way to get urine stains out of a mattress.I decided to try it out for myself on my daughters’ very urinated on mattresses, with old pee stains, and their nice musty pee smell. If you need to remove a dry urine stain from a mattress, dampen the area, but do not saturate it. Then, sprinkle borax over the spot and rub it in with your hands. Next, let it air dry before vacuuming up the residue. Finally, return the mattress to the bed. What You Need to Clean Pee Out of a Mattress: 1 bottle of diluted white vinegar. baking soda. a large towel. a vacuum cleaner. Method to Clean Pee Out of a Mattress: Remove all sheets, blankets, any mattress covers, etc. and wash. Blot (don’t scrub!) the urine with a large towel, getting up as much of the liquid as possible. Removing urine and urine smells from a mattress isn’t hard work, as long as you do it right. With just a little bit of patience, time, and elbow grease your mattress can smell clean once again. Here are a few suggestions to get the urine smell out of your mattress. How to get urine smell out of a mattress – check! Remove urine stains from mattress – check! Malt Shop Bop by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license ( https .

Proceed to press these towels within the urine soaked areas of the mattress in order to draw out all of the available urine from the bed. After pressing your entire body weight against the drench location and failing to draw out any remaining fluid, move on the the following step. How to Clean and Remove Dog Urine Odor from a Mattress 1. Absorb as much dog urine from the mattress as you can using wet/dry vacuum cleaner or paper towels 2. Use Vinegar to Neutralize Dog Urine Odor 3. Remove Dog Urine Smell using Baking Soda and Hydrogen Peroxide Ingredients you need: White Vinegar Baking Soda 3% Hydrogen Peroxide Try these easy steps on how to get pee out of mattress fast. We have tested this mattress stain & odor remover, it worked well to eliminate unwanted smell from urine. To get cat urine out of your mattress, start by blotting the urine with paper towels to absorb as much of it as possible. When you’re done with that, pour 1/2 a cup of vinegar and 1/2 a cup of water onto the stain and let it sit for 15 minutes. .

how to get pee smell out of mattress how to get pee smell out of mattress how to get pee smell out of mattress

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