How To Get A Standing Desk At Work

Make sure this fits by entering your model number.; ACCOMMODATES DUAL-MONITOR SETUPS: The Pro Plus 36 standing desk accommodates larger workspace needs. TWO-TIER DESIGN: Gives you an upper display surface for your monitor, and a spacious lower keyboard and mouse deck. Convert Your Desk. Transform your existing workstation, or even your entire office, with our family of Standing Desk Converters from UPLIFT Desk. Our best-selling, height-adjustable solution turns any desk into a standing desk, takes you from sitting to standing in just 3 seconds, requires no assembly, and works with your existing furniture. Z-Lifts: Grab the main work surface on either side, squeeze the brake release paddles, lift the platform up, then let go. Zip. Z-Lifts are the most popular type of standing desk converter, and include the infamous Varidesk along with the ZipLift+.They offer some of the best work surface stability while standing, serious ease of use lifting up and down, and generally a low to middle-of-the-road Get Britain Standing is a campaign to educate on Active Working. Regular minor movement whilst at work is essential for us to keep our bodies healthy, prevent illness and relieve stress. Sit-Stand workstations enabling us to mix it up between periods of sitting with standing. Make your work day healthier, happier, and more productive! Whether you need a standing desk, standing desk converter, or ergonomic office furniture and accessories, you can trust Stand Up Desk Store for quality, features, and the BEST customer support in the business. 100% satisfaction guaranteed. .

UPLIFT View Monitor Arm. Stand up at your converted stationary desk, and bring your work with you. Add a View Single or View Dual Monitor Arm to maximize the usability of your XF Standing Desk Converter by UPLIFT Desk.. View Monitor Arms support monitors 4.4 – 19.8 lbs and up to 30″. Clamp Mount. The clamp mount requires that you clamp the system to the back edge of your desktop. This allows the attached keyboard tray to adjust lower below your desk surface for a more ergonomically correct typing position for sitting and standing. You probably already know that sitting too much is super harmful and seriously degrades the quality of our lives. Using a stand up desk at work provides many benefits (44 reasons at last count)…. But what the heck are the health benefits of standing at work?. Well today you’re in luck because we’ve put together a complete list of all 44 standing desk health benefits. Though a standing desk is an excellent solution, standing all the time does pose problems in itself – this is nothing new. In the hype, excitement and motivation people often feel when switching to this new way of working, it can be easy to jump into it too quickly – getting rid of the old desk .

how to get a standing desk at work how to get a standing desk at work how to get a standing desk at work

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