How To Get A King Size Bed Upstairs

Queen and king size beds can be purchased as two mattresses and two box springs put together, thereby enabling them to fit up the stairway. These are referred to as a “split” queen or king. A standard queen size bed is about 60” wide, while a split queen is about 30″. A standard king is about 76” wide (or about 38″ split). When it comes to moving a king size mattress up the stairs, there’s really only one method that works—you’re going to have to fold the mattress in half. The good news is that folding a king mattress isn’t that difficult to do. Moving a King Size Mattress Upstairs How to Get a Large Mattress to an Upstairs Bedroom | Dengarden How to Move a Box Spring Up a Narrow Staircase YouTube Category: 2019 Tags: how to get a king size bed upstairs Anyway, we moved shortly after and had to move bed upstairs in a house built in 1798. Stairway a little narrow. We bent it in half and ratchet strapped it. We carried it upstairs (my dad, helping me, said it would have been even more impressive it this made it half the weight) and then set it up. But I would buy a king bed (if your bedrooms will accomodate the extra foot width). Kings have 2 twin box springs which would be easier to navigate. Just be careful on the mattress though–if it is one of those very thick mattresses you will not be able to bend it to get it upstairs. The queen just fit down the stairs with a minimum of fuss, but I know a king is 16 inches wider. I would also like a memory foam or latex bed, probably memory foam as I like cushy. Someone told me memory foam beds are delivered “compressed.” .

Many king combos have a king bottom with two twins on the top. If you can’t get the king foundation mattress up the stairs, then go with four separage pieces. But you’ll have to devise a way to keep their frames from rolling apart. Cookies always help. Reminds me of the time my bf and I were trying to get his queen upstairs in the new house and it was too big to go in the hallway. So I had to stand on the bed of the truck and push it towards the balcony so he could grab it and pull it up. It was the middle of summer and my weak arms could barely do it but it was done! .

how to get a king size bed upstairs how to get a king size bed upstairs how to get a king size bed upstairs

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