How Much Fabric Do I Need For Curtains

Making your own curtains isn’t too hard. You start by choosing a fabric and deciding how much to buy. Fabric is woven in several conventional widths: 36 inches; 42 to 45 inches; 54, 58, and 60 inches; 75, 90, and in some cases, 105 to 110 inches. Add 6 inches to your finished curtain length; each panel thus needs 90 inches of fabric length, for a total of 180 inches for both panels. Divide by 36 to get the final yardage (since there’s 36 inches in a yard), in this case, you will need a total of 5 yards to make both panels. Use this formula to calculate the amount of fabric you need if the fabric is wide enough to create each panel: ______ Finished Length______ Plus the header (facing) to the bottom of the rod__+ 1″_ Plus 1″ in order to turn under 1/2″ at each end of the panel______ Plus Hem (allow 2″ to 3″ depending on the weight of the fabric you are using. Hi, I am in need of some huge help. I am draping a stage about 25ft. I am have about 3 set of panels to fit the space. Only thing is I have no idea how much fabric will I need in total or how much fabric can fit one panel. The panel is about 8ft tall and maybe about 20 feet wide. Curtains 1.5m or shorter have a fabric double 8cm hem, lining double 6cm hem. Curtains over 1.5m in length have a fabric double 10cm hem, lining double 8cm hem. Calculator defaults to rounding the number of fabric widths UP to the nearest whole number. Divide the calculated fabric width by the width of the fabric you have chosen to determine the number of widths required. Fabrics are usually available in widths from 40 to 60 inches. .

To measure fabric for curtains, start by measuring the width and height of your window. If you want floor length curtains, measure from the bottom of the window to the floor, subtract 1 inch, and add that number to the height of the window to get the height of the fabric you should use. how much fabric do i need for curtains ngers Of Fabric Softener Thank you for your question about the dangers of fabric softeners and dryer sheets. Indeed, there is much evidence of people having a reaction to fabric softener such as rash and respiratory difficulty. Sailrite’s Fabric Calculator provides custom estimates for window curtain fabric. Enter the dimensions of your window and receive a custom fabric yardage estimate instantly. If you need 2 panels of 52 inches each and your fabric is only 38 inches wide, you will have to buy more material to cut and sew to each panel. Step 9 – Curtain with Repeated Design If your curtain fabric has a repeated design, calculate the distance between the design repeats. .

how much fabric do i need for curtains how much fabric do i need for curtains how much fabric do i need for curtains

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